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Dr. PAWS ANIMAL HOSPITAL is committed to providing the highest quality care throughout the life of your pet. It is our mission to promote preventative healthcare and responsible pet ownership.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Maiores, delectus placeat hic voluptatem fuga nemo ad fugit? Beatae expedita doloribus obcaecati quam alias. Natus quas provident laboriosam voluptatem! Nostrum, sit!
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At Dr. Paws, we are equipped with the latest in veterinary care and experienced staff in all medicine disciplines to provide the care and attention your pet needs. We wholeheartedly take our mission to keep your pet healthy and clean, because a healthy pet is a happy pet.


Preventative Care

Preventing illness and disease is essential to your pet's health. Preventative care can help achieve and maintain the highest levels of general health and well-being in your pet. Did you know that some common worms can also affect us too? Another reason worming your pet is essential! Vaccinations and parasite control protect against serious and life-threatening diseases. Pet dentistry, as with humans, is an important part of preventing diseases and pain. Blood tests can help to reveal underlying conditions and can also help to identify the genetic factors your pet may be pre-disposed to. We are always happy to discuss any aspect of your pet's healthcare plan with you.


Surgery can be a stressful time for both you and your pet. We think it’s a good idea to keep you well informed about the procedures and processes that are required before, during and after surgery. Our expert team is dedicated to providing your pet with the best possible outcomes. Our Vets perform desexing, soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures. Your pet will be in the capable hands of our experienced staff and we are focused on making this processes as smooth and safe as possible. We aim to ensure any surgery day is as stress free for you and your pet as possible. Your pet's safety is our highest priority. Dogs and cats are housed in separate areas, to ensure they don't disturb or frustrate each other We have separate surgical procedure rooms and operating theatres We use modern anaesthetic machines and the safest anaesthetic drugs and gases Your pet’s vital signs are monitored both electronically and by the surgical team, who will be with your pet until he or she has completely recovered from the anaesthetic Please note: Late and early pick-up and drop off of your pet is offered, for added convenience.

Medical lab and Diagnostics tools

We offer the latest in diagnostic imaging technologies for your pet. Why is my vet suggesting diagnostic imaging? A complete physical exam is only part of the picture. Sometimes further tests are required to obtain an accurate diagnosis and select the right treatment for your pet. When is diagnostic imaging used? Some common situations where forms of diagnostic imaging may be recommended include the following: Lameness - X-rays are required to rule out broken bones, evaluate arthritis and examine the joints. Heart murmurs - X-rays can determine whether heart function is compromised, while ultrasound can determine the cause of a murmur. Breathing problems - X-rays evaluate lung function. Vomiting - X-rays check for foreign objects within the intestines or stomach. Abnormal blood test results - Ultrasound is useful for evaluating liver, kidney and other problems, when abnormalities are found on blood tests. Pregnancy assessment - X-rays can assess the number of babies your pet may be carrying, while ultrasound can be used in early pregnancy diagnosis and determining dates.


1-medical shower protected from( fleas -ticks -allergy) 2-grooming and hair cut 3-nail trimming

Breeding and pregnancy service

1- follow up 2-artificial insemination 3- c-section operation in Dystocia cases

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